Email Providers

  • Notification Type for all Email Provider is email
notification_type = 'email'
  • Configuration Settings can be passed as function arguments as well as Environment Variable. The main AIM is to provide all
    possible flexibility to user to use Any Provider with any configuration.

Note : Any Provider may need some extra settings (if any) those will be mentioned in respective Provider.

> Gmail

  • Provider Type for all Gmail Provider is gmail
provider = 'gmail'
  • You can use Gmail as your SMTP provider an send Emails from Your own Gmail account.
  • For this you need below settings to configure in your Django Project.
  • Sample settings for Gmail Provider are as follows:

As Environment Variable :


As Function Arguments:

  • GMAIL_USERNAE as username.
  • GMAIL_PASSWORD as password.

Example Usage :

from import notifier

def notify():
    context = {
        'subject': 'subject'
        'body': 'body'
        'html_message': '<h1>html message</h1>'

    data = {
        'source': '',
        'destination': '',
        'notification_type': 'email',
        'provider': 'gmail',
        'context': context,

    notification = notifier.Notifier(**data)

    return notification.notify(username='', password='mypassword')

> SendGrid

  • Provider Type for all Sendgrid Provider is sendgrid
provider = 'sendgrid'
  • Use Sendgrid as your SMTP provider
  • You need to register to sendgrid for using their services , from their you will get an


you sendgrid api_key, it is visible only once, so you need to copy it after creating.
  • Sample settings for SendGrid Provider are as follows:

As Environment Variable :


As Function Arguments:

  • SENDGRID_API_KEY as sendgrid_api_key.
  • Usage is same as shown in Gmail provider example