Most of the Providers needs you to register on their site and get some kind of token/secret in order to use their services.

I’ll try to explain what settings you need in order to user Any below providers.

Note : Poviders Settings can be managed in two ways using environment variables or as function arguments. See respective Providers docs for more info

Add providers

If you want to contribute to this repo and wish to add more providers just follow below instructions:

  • All providers (provider apps) comes under this folder notifyAll/providers.

  • Naming convention of provider app and class is as follows :

    • Class id and provider app_name must be same

    e.g., For Gmail provider , id & app_name both are same i.e., gmail

  • If your provider require some settings from user then add them to notifyAll/

  • Also update Provider documentation for your provider (Update respective doc only means email,sms have their own documentation).

  • Update service configuration file to add your provider in ALLOWED_SERVICES at notifyAll/ so that your provider can be enabled for outer world.